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Wellbeing and mental health are as important as ever in the current climate. We have created a wellbeing scheme that covers the statutory DfE guidance in a comprehensive and engaging manner. Lessons cover common issues that children face with carefully selected strands from the guidance woven throughout.

Let our array of under the sea creatures teach the children about their amazing attributes that link to lots of different wellbeing themes, from coping with changes to understanding grief, to help improve wellbeing and give the children new skills.

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Our third edition of "Waves of Wellbeing" is available to download now! Join Ruby as she learns about Sea Otters and how they deal with isolation and loneliness.

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Waves of Wellbeing: Scheme Overview

Come and see what we have planned for the next 12 weeks, the creatures the children will meet, the wellbeing focus for each week, and all the wonderful resources we have to support you in your wellbeing teaching.


Waves of Wellbeing: Display Pack

Our Waves of Wellbeing display pack is jam-packed with resources and ideas. Giving you everything you could need to create an eye-catching and meaningful whole school or class display.


Waves of Wellbeing: Teaching Overview

This 12 week teaching overview is a great way to keep an early look at the 12 themes we will be covering in this scheme and the creatures we will be covering, helping you to decide what is best for your children and the order in which you might like to teach the scheme.


Waves of Wellbeing: Door Display Pack

Our Waves of Wellbeing Door Display is a great alternative to the traditional large classroom display board and a way to check in weekly on the wellbeing focus or remind the children about what they have learned.
Once you have downloaded our FREE Door Display, make sure you download the display focus each week, to add the bubbles to the display.



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