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Perfect for KS1 children to practise number bonds!

Waves of Wellbeing – Lobster/Jellyfish – Growing Up



Ruby says:

"Just like lobsters and jellyfish, you will go through a lot of changes as you grow up. You need to recognise the emotional changes that you will feel and understand why they happen. By doing this, you can be prepared to deal with them when they occur. We need to remember that it is okay to leave behind the things we have outgrown and not be afraid of letting them go."

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Explore the waves with Ruby...

Our wellbeing animations have become a staple of our Wellbeing Wednesday schemes, we have made 12 simply incredible animations for Waves of Wellbeing!

Put on your scuba gear and join Ruby as she learns how each sea creature she discovers deals with a range of wellbeing themes.

This week Ruby learns about Lobsters and Jellyfish and how they can teach us about growing up.

Watch Episode 8 now:

NEW: PowerPoint Show

Brand new for Waves of Wellbeing! A fully interactive PowerPoint show combining everything that you need to teach the lesson, including the animated story, talk and task to help explain the lesson
theme, mindful music to use when the children complete the mindful journal, and more.

Differentiated from EYFS to UKS2 - download the PowerPoint show along with all our other resources for this edition of Waves of Wellbeing below...


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