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Meet Cyber Sense!

Wellbeing Wednesday Main Hub 2021 (Heroes)


NEW for summer term

Defeat The Negatron!

Each week introduce your class to a brand new "Mental Health Hero" and discover their wellbeing SUPERPOWER!

Watch a brand new, incredible animation every week before you continue the adventure in each week's digital comic books and then use the differentiated activities to teach children how to use their own SUPERPOWERS to promote good mental health!

Together, over the 12 week scheme and with the help of our amazing heroes we can defeat THE NEGATRON!

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Check out the video above for an in depth teacher-guide into this term's scheme!

week 4 with CYBER SENSE


Previous wellbeing wednesday schemes that are ready to use with all of the animations, books and resources online and ready to use!



Come and join 'Eggmo' as he meets all his new neighbours on Monster Lane and learns all about mental health. Our FULL 11 week scheme for our Wellbeing Monsters is available to download now! Bigger and BETTER than ever with weekly animations, ebooks, tasks, journals and much, much more! Teaching children lifelong skills for good mental health and wellbeing!

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Spread Your Wings!

Meet 12 colourful avian characters from around the world - our Wellbeing Flock!

Follow the mysterious egg on its journey home, what words of wisdom will it gather from our amazing characters each week?

Watch the weekly animations, read the ebooks and download the incredible resources!

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Meet Professor Pinwheel! - Mental Health Heroes!

Week 1 of our brand new term of WELLBEING WEDNESDAY is available NOW - completely FREE!

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