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MONSTERS! – “Self Esteem” with Hilo!


Meet 'Hilo'!

Follow Eggmo as he meets Hilo, from Number 1 Monsters Lane and see what Hilo can teach the children about self-esteem and why it is important for our wellbeing.

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The resources for the first of our Wellbeing Monsters from Monster Lane are available for FREE, including the animation, interactive eBooks and all of the supporting resources found further down this page!


Animated Series: Episode 1

A fantastic way to start your wellbeing lesson, watch as Eggmo visits a new neighbour each week and discovers a brand new wellbeing skill!

This week, Eggmo meets 'Hilo' and learns about 'Self Esteem' and why is is important for good mental health and wellbeing...

Episode 1 is FREE - Watch NOW!

Resources for "Self Esteem"

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