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Children’s Mental Health Week

February 5th 2020| Kevin Rhodes
February 5th 2020 |

It’s Children’s Mental Health week!

At Teacher’s Pet, as most of you may have noticed, we have a huge belief in the importance of talking about mental health and wellbeing. Within schools this is a vital focus, which is now becoming more and more acknowledged by both teaching professionals and OFSTED.

To find our more about #WellbeingWednesday – visit tpet.co.uk/wellbeing-wednesday

We could use this opportunity to talk about our own mental health project – #WellbeingWednesday, but for this week’s blog post, we want to highlight another fantastic company who have invented a very interactive and fun game to help with discussions and understanding of wellbeing in young people…

The Book of Beasties!

Book of Beasties is an interactive card game where players team up with heroes Oscar, Abigail & Mimic. Together they must use weird and wonderful contraptions to help bizarre creatures that have escaped through a mysterious portal from another dimension!

Book of Beasties is so much more than just your average card game though! It acts as a fantastic aid to help open up conversations with children about their mental health, in an approachable and enjoyable format. We have been giving the game a good play here at Teacher’s Pet HQ and it’s been very popular!

How does it help?

The game pack comes with a handy teacher guide which fully explains the concept, the rules, the story and more. What is fantastic though, is the lesson plans which are also included.

These lesson plans help you to set a learning objective whilst playing a game of Book of Beasties – for example, the one below, demonstrates that when a Bronze Child card is shown, you can open up a discussion about stress and how music can help relieve stress. This then leads to activities such as – using iPads to discover music which might help with stress and having a listen to it as a group.

This is highly beneficial as it allows the children to learn and develop some amazing coping mechanisms and methods which they can use in childhood and adult life!

Does it work within schools?

The simple answer to this question is – YES!

The game has had exceptional feedback from the schools who have already adopted it.

I’m really impressed by the way the team have invented a method of encouraging children to open up about their feelings and problems without making it seem too ‘touchy-feely.’  The fact that a game is involved means that those pupils who may feel reluctant to speak openly about their emotions don’t even realise that they are doing it. In a group of older children, this led to some really thoughtful and eye-opening discussions. The children at my school were so engaged and excited by the concept, they have been asking ever since when they’ll be coming back!

Mae Harris – Year 3 teacher – Haseltine Primary Sydenham, London

I love this! Where can I get a pack?

Book of Beasties can be purchased from their website here.

Our lucky Teacher’s Pet followers also have a chance to WIN a copy!

Visit our Facebook page to find out how! (Terms and Conditions Apply).

What else are Teacher’s Pet doing for Mental Health Week?

We are also supporting @Place2be and their mental health campaign by giving away a FREE activity and poster pack for you to use during the week (either in the classroom or to give out as a home pack). To get your free copy click here!

We hope you all have a lovely, mindful week and inspire some young minds to open up about mental health discussions – thanks for reading!

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