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Diving into Waves of Wellbeing

December 17th 2021| Josh Cookson

I’ve been looking forward to writing this blog for quite a while now. It’s been so hard watching all this amazing planning and content unfold and not being able to tell anyone about it.
Over the past few months, I’ve witnessed a lot of creativity flowing through the team for our new wellbeing theme, ideas getting thrown around left, right and centre. It’s all finally culminated and come together to make what we are showing you today. Welcome to…

Waves of Wellbeing is our latest term of Wellbeing Wednesday, it’s the biggest and the best ever produced by the team at Teacher’s Pet! With even more stunning animations, guest voice-overs and wonderful activities, your class are going to love this new theme. As well as learning about Wellbeing, this new scheme also promises the bonus of teaching about the adaptation of sea life to these Wellbeing issues.

How did it all start?

It started like the creation of any other scheme of Wellbeing Wednesday. But given the success of the Wellbeing Birds, Monsters, and Super Heroes, it became a bit tricky.
How could we create something that tackled Wellbeing issues just as well as they were tackled through the other Wellbeing schemes, but was different enough to offer a brand new experience that was completely unique?
The idea of a Wellbeing under the sea theme was one of the themes tossed around, and after taking a deeper look into things, we decided it was the theme to go with!

So with that in mind, the entire team got tasked with researching different sea life that could fit in with all the themes we wanted to express this time around. So off to Google we went knee-deep in a variety of web pages that discussed sea life. I think we’ve all become experts on different species of fish. After a couple of days of researching, we got back together as a group and discussed everything we’d found. Thus, the 12 sea creatures were selected and became focal points of this well-being.

So how else to start your wellbeing research than a trip to Alton Towers! Okay, so Alton Towers doesn’t particularly sound like a place you’d go and research sea life, that is until you hit the Sea Life area of the park itself. After the team had some fun on some of the amazing rides and taking in some of the wonderful food from the Oktoberfest, we all made sure to take plenty of photos and notes to take back to the office with us. Sea Life was full of the weird and wonderful (Team TPet of course falling under the wonderful banner).

And then it was time for the graphic designers to have some fun coming up with the visual theming for Waves of Wellbeing. Up first came the idea for how the backgrounds should look. So the graphic designers printed off inspiration to pin up on the social board and make notes.

Plan, Draw, Sleep, Repeat

After months of planning and creativity, our final visual theme came together along with the sea creatures we had chosen. Meg produced a wonderful display board that beautifully illustrates everyone’s hard work. The display board features all the wonderful joys of the sea you will meet over the next 12 weeks as well as the beautiful ocean environment the scheme takes place in.

All of this looks fantastic! Can we get some resources now?!

We appreciate the eagerness! Well as luck would have it, we do have some resources for you to get your hands on now! Prepare yourself for Waves of Wellbeing with our ‘Essentials’ Resources, containing:

  • A Scheme Overview
  • 12 Week Mini Overviews for EYFS/KS1 and KS2
  • Display Pack
  • Door Display

The Scheme Overview provides information on the approach to Wellbeing Wednesday, an Overview Table, the Teaching and Learning Sequence, Resources, the Display and Cross Curricular Opportunities.

The 12 Week Mini Overview introduces you and your class to all 12 weeks of sea life Here, you’ll see what sea creature is on what week, and you’ll learn what their focus is (Available for EYFS/KS1 and LKS2/UKS2)

The Door Display is a new addition to essentials. The Door Display contains 12 bubbles, use your circle from your weekly display download to fill in the Door Display as each week progresses.

The Display Pack will allow you to create a stunning display, showcasing every week of Wellbeing with area focus labels and a wonderful banner.

They serve as the PERFECT introduction to the world of Waves of Wellbeing. From there, make sure you grab an ULTIMATE MEMBERSHIP for access to all 12 weeks of Wellbeing, including ALL activities and animations. And trust me when I say, you do NOT want to miss these animations. They’re our best ever! (well actually, Bookimations, you’ll see why when you see Week 1). Now I know I say it every term, that this Wellbeing has the best animations ever, and they do, but Beck just keeps outdoing herself, so I have to keep saying it!

And we think you will LOVE the voice overs for this term, as we have not one this time, but TWO voice overs for Wellbeing! (Can you tell I’m excited for the Bookimations)?

Head over to the Wellbeing Hub now and grab the FREE Teacher Guide and 12 Week Overview and get ready for week 1 which launches on 9th January 2022!

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