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Glitter, Glitter, Everywhere!

December 12th 2019| Heather Miller

Glitter, Glitter, Everywhere!

Wow, it’s been a long term, I am totally ready to stick on some Christmas films for the class and sit and have some of those great times where you just get to enjoy spending time with the kids we teach. I realise now how weird that sounds, as I spend more time with the kids in my class then my own children sometimes. But it is nice to sit with them and spend time not actually teaching them.

Today was Christmas dinner day, I sat at a tiny table, on a tiny seat (which was attached to the tiny table), squidged in-between my class, barely able to move my elbows. We all wore Christmas hats, liberally coated in glitter that we made a couple of days ago and we ate together. We talked about food, Brussel Sprouts (in close proximity to me, only one child partook, she licked it and announced they taste ‘yuck’, and everyone laughed), how old people are (apparently I must have been at school AGES ago, because I am old… Erm… I’m 34!), they asked me about my sister (who I had mentioned ages ago, but they seem to have super memory for things like that… If only they would remember what a fronted adverbial is), and they also talked a great deal about how much they liked Savoury Eggs…

At this time of year, I find myself feeling totally torn between extreme emotion/feelings… I am tired and worried about all the Christmas preparation to do at home that I haven’t even started on. I also feel my anxiety levels rising as we move towards the end of term and I have less days to do all those things that I am expected to do- progress monitoring, parent consultation follow-ups, provision map updating. Then there is next term to plan for, wall displays to sort and resources to prepare. But, I am also seriously excited and relieved to have only a few more days to go. I feel happy to get to spend some more relaxed time with my class. But at the same time, I am absolutely losing my marbles over their behaviour, as they are exhausted, hyped up for Christmas, and mostly suffering from some form of cold/flu/general yuck bug.

I think this huge mix of differing emotions is probably just adding to my current levels of exhaustion. But I will endeavour to focus on the positives, and also hold dear those Christmas cards that the kids give me that tell me I am the best teacher in the world (I know they say that to every teacher, but it’s still super cute and makes me smile).

I’m cutting this one shorter then usual, as we all have loads to do no doubt, or should actually be spending our free time drinking tea (or Gin), eating some of the stack of Maltesers we get bought every year, and spending some quality Christmas time with the kids at school and at home, and the families that put up with our job as much as we do.

So, go forth teachers – glitter everything you can, apologise profusely to the cleaners, enjoy the sweet messages in cards and most importantly, have an amazing Christmas, because you deserve it!

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