Introducing Agent Grateful! Wellbeing Wednesday – Mental Health Heroes – Week 2

April 24th 2021| Michael Mountford
April 24th 2021 |

Introducing Agent Grateful! Wellbeing Wednesday – Mental Health Heroes – Week 2

Week One of Wellbeing Wednesday has already been out a week!

Schools, teachers and parents have absolutely loved being taught by Professor Pinwheel and his trusty pinwheel!

If you missed our free Week One resources, then click below and get downloading our free Week One resources now!

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With the start of a new week fast approaching, we are very happy to introduce you to this weeks brand new member of the team!

Agent Grateful!

Agent Grateful is here to teach children all about the power of gratitude and show children how thinking of the things we are grateful for can have a positive effect on our feelings, emotions, and wellbeing.


This week in our Superhero lineup; we meet Agent Grateful. After Professor Pinwheel successfully defeats a part of The Negatron, it flies off towards the train station!

Agent Grateful is first on the scene!

What will Agent Grateful do? Who will win?

Task Card

Using Agent Grateful’s lessons on gratitude you could spruce up part of your classroom with a Gratitude Tree. They look fantastic and can be made as tall as you want!

Using our Task Card Activity is a great place to start for designing your own gratitude tree

Task Card Activity – Available for Early Years, KS1, LKS2 & UKS2

If creating a full-sized gratitude tree is too much then you could always try your hand at making something slightly smaller.

Take a look at this blog here to gain some inspiration on other ways of designing a gratitude tree such as the one above!


A great way to introduce the theme of ‘Gratefullness‘, is to get your children to fill out a gratitude journal. Have the children take ten minutes during the day to write down the things that they are grateful for.

A very good way to improve their journal is to have them think more critically about what they are grateful for.

For example:

Instead of writing, “I’m thankful for my family” they might write, “I’m thankful that my mom packed me my favourite sandwich in my lunch today.” Challenge them to think critically about what they’re writing in their journal.

To help your get started – make sure to use our Agent Grateful Journal Activity.

Journal Activity – Available for Early Years, KS1, LKS2 & UKS2

Teaching Guide

Each week there is a fresh teacher guide for EYFS, KS1, Lower KS2 as well as Upper KS2. Each teacher guide will walk you through each individual character that is to appear that week as well as the content for that week.

Teaching Guide – Available for Early Years, KS1, LKS2 & UKS2

Each of these individual teacher guides will include:

  • What the children will learn
  • Vocabulary & Questions
  • The teaching and learning sequence
  • A brief overview
  • Resources needed, both for this week and the following week

Comic Book

Our very popular E-Books have been updated to fit around the superhero theme. Each week a comic book styled E-Book will be available!

It narrates a short story in which we find out who the superhero is, what their traits are and what we can learn from them about their individual theme.

There are two books: one for Early Years/ KS1 and one for KS2.

Comic E Book – Available for Early Years/KS1 And KS2

This week our comic book follows Agent Grateful as she tracks down The Negatron to Wellbourne Station and attempts to defeat The Negatron before he can spread his negative energy!

Additional Resources

Alongside all of these amazing resources, we also have some brand new, additional resources available which can be used to enhance your teaching even further!

We have a mini activity booklet which, with a little creative cutting and folding, you can turn this single A4 page into a brilliant mini activity book; which is full of fun and simple activities to help reinforce this week’s theme of ‘Gratefulness’!

It also acts as a great collectable resource for children too!

The Display Focus provides you with resources to add to your wellbeing display each week; including a character cut-out and quotes relating to this week’s theme!

6 Collectable cards featuring challenges and reminders related to this week’s theme of ‘Gratefulness’.

Children should collect all 6 cards each week to build up a deck of 72 cards. Perfect for playing games like ‘SNAP’ and as a tool for children to lean on when they are feeling anxious, worried, angry or upset.

Along with all of these, there is large colouring-in sheets featuring Agent Grateful and a set of differentiated quotes and statements.

Perfect for children to unleash their creativity! Whilst being mindful of the quotes and statements on the pages.

Enrol your children in the Wellbeing Academy and teach them how to look inwards and remember all the things they are GRATEFUL for, thus calming their minds and helping to defeat THE NEGATRON!

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