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Introducing Enola The Enlightened Eagle Wellbeing Wednesday – Wellbeing Flock – Week 8

October 16th 2021| Michael Mountford
October 16th 2021 |

Learn to develop positive outlooks with Enola the Enlightened Eagle

Visit Enola’s Resource ‘Hub’ Now!

This week we find The Mysterious Egg basking in The Americas’, where it has met Enola The Enlightened Eagle, this week’s Wellbeing bird.

During Week Eight we will meet Enola the Enlightened Eagle

“Learn to have more positive outlooks


Don’t forget, just like our Superhero term of Wellbeing, all of our animations for this term will be totally free, available to view on YouTube and Vimeo.

This week our Mysterious Egg has travelled to the Americas where we meet Enola.

Enola helps to teach our egg all about how it’s best to keep positive outlooks in all situations.

Find out more by watching our FREE animation below.

Journal and Task Card

This week our amazing journal activity and task card are all about forgiveness, giving opportunity for disccusion later on.

Journal Activity – Available for Early Years, KS1, LKS2 & UKS2


E-Book – Available for Early Years/KS1 And KS2

In this week’s E-Book, we meet Enola the Enlightened Eagle.

Enola’s E-Book helps to teach kids how to develop positive outlooks in dificult situations.

There are two differentiated E-Books available; one for Early Years & KS1 and the other is written for both lower as well as upper KS2.

Task Card Activity – Available for Early Years, KS1, LKS2 & UKS2

Our task card is a brillaint resource to use with the whole class, as it provides an opportunity for disccusion on some of the ways in which we can show our forgiveness.

Teaching Guide

Teaching Guide – Available for Early Years, KS1, LKS2 & UKS2

Each week our fantastic teacher guides are here to lend a hand when planning out your lessons

They’re available for EYFS, KS1, Lower KS2 as well as Upper KS2.

Each of these individual teacher guides will include:

  • What the children will learn
  • Vocabulary & Questions
  • The teaching and learning sequence
  • A brief overview
  • Resources needed, both for this week and the following week

Extra Activities

It always seems impossible until it is done”

Nelson Mandela

Feel Good Friday

At the end of the day on a Friday, go around the room to each child in the class and have them talk about one thing that they’ve done in the week that made them feel proud

This can be anything at all and doesn’t necessarily have to be a task that they have fully completed. Even if it’s something that they’ve just started or if they are currently struggling with.

Getting the children to recognise the positivity attached to what they are doing, teaches them the importance of having a positive mindset towards anything that they do.

Mantra Mondays

Have time at the beginning of the day for the children to write in their books a positive quote for themselves or to give to a friend

At the end of the week, have the children reflect on their mantra. Did it help? When did it help? Would it help someone you know?

Afternoon Affirmations

In a similar vein to mantras, another method that can be easily introduced into the classroom are writing affirmations.

Affirmations are short little sentences that the children can repeat to themselves either out loud, under their breath or in their mind.

To help you get started, here’s a free generator that I found online that you can use in the classroom.

Additional Resources

Alongside all of these amazing resources, we also have some brand new, additional resources available which can be used to enhance your teaching even further!

Our stunning looking Display Focus provides you with the resources you need to make your well-being display the best it can be; including a wall display, character passports that are differentiated for EYFS/KS1 & Lower and Upper KS2, all of which relate to that week’s individual theme!

Along with all of these, there are large mindful colouring sheets featuring Peri and a set of differentiated quotes and statements all about Self-Love and Self-Esteem.

Perfect for children to unleash their creativity!

Visit Enola’s Resource ‘Hub’ Now!

We’re so happy with how everyone has responded to this terms Wellbeing resources so far, and we still have more places to go and birds to meet.

Next week we’ll be meeting a Hard Working member of the ‘Wellbeing Flock’ and his teachings on working hard.

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