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Introducing Professor Pinwheel! Wellbeing Wednesday – Mental Health Heroes – Week 1

April 17th 2021| Michael Mountford
April 17th 2021 |

Introducing Professor Pinwheel! Wellbeing Wednesday – Mental Health Heroes – Week 1

Our very popular Children’s Mental Health initiative Wellbeing Wednesday is back for the Summer term!

visit ‘Mental Health Heroes’ hub

We welcome back our team of Mental Health Heroes who have been brought together to save the city of Wellbourne from the cloud of negative energy known only as, The Negatron!

Follow them over 12 weeks of fresh resources, including a free animation each week (yes, free!) as a way to introduce each new hero to the class.

Week One and all of its supporting resources are completely free and introduces Professor Pinwheel and his “Calming Breath”.

Professor Pinwheel will teach children how to use breathing exercises to help them relax.


Each week a brand new amazing animation will be available for you and your class to watch for free!

This week in our Superhero lineup; we welcome Professor Pinwheel to the big screen. The Wellbeing Academy is called to action after a new threat appears in the city of Wellbourne, a cloud of negative energy.

Codename, The Negatron!

Professor Pinwheel is first on the scene to respond to the immediate threat.

What will Professor Pinwheel do? Who will win?

Teaching Guide

Teaching Guide – Available for Early Years, KS1, LKS2 & UKS2

Each week there is a teacher guide for EYFS, KS1, Lower KS2 as well as Upper KS2.

Each of these individual teacher guides will include:

  • What the children will learn
  • Vocabulary & Questions
  • The teaching and learning sequence
  • A brief overview
  • Resources needed, both for this week and the following week

Comic Book

Comic E Book – Available for Early Years/KS1 And KS2

This time around our very popular E-Books have been updated to fit around the superhero theme.

Each week a comic book styled E-Book will be available to download!

The comic book continues the story from the animation. It narrates a short story in which we find out who the superhero is, what their traits are and what we can learn from them about their individual theme.

There are two books: one for Early Years/ KS1 and one for KS2.

Journal and Task Card

Journal Activity – Available for Early Years, KS1, LKS2 & UKS2

The journal activity allows children to embed what they have learnt from the animation, comic book and task card.

The task card is a great introductory to the theme as it explains what the theme is and includes important vocabulary and any key questions that could be used with the children.

Task Card Activity – Available for Early Years, KS1, LKS2 & UKS2

Additional Resources

Alongside all of these amazing resources, we also have some brand new, additional resources available which can be used to enhance your teaching even further!

Remember, Week One is completely free to download and use in your classroom!

We have a mini activity booklet which, with a little creative cutting and folding, you can turn this single A4 page into a brilliant mini activity book!

Containing some fun and simple activities to help reinforce this week’s theme. It also acts as a great collectable resource for children too!

The Display Focus provides you with resources to add to your wellbeing display each week; including a character cut-out and quotes relating to this week’s theme!

6 Collectable cards featuring challenges and reminders related to this weeks theme.

Children should collect all 6 cards each week to build up a deck of 72 cards. Perfect for playing games like ‘SNAP’ and as a tool for children to lean on when they are feeling anxious, worried, angry or upset.

Along with all of these, there are large colouring-in sheets featuring this week’s Mental Health Hero and a set of differentiated quotes and statements.

Perfect for children to unleash their creativity! Whilst being mindful of the quotes and statements on the pages.

Enrol your children in the Wellbeing Academy and teach them how to use the power of their MIGHTY PINWHEELS to calm their minds and defeat THE NEGATRON!

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