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Introducing Rosie The Reliable Robin Wellbeing Wednesday – Wellbeing Flock – Week 12

November 14th 2021| Michael Mountford
November 14th 2021 |

Learn about the importance of being a team player and being a reliable friend with Rosie the Reliable Robin.

Visit Rosie’s Resource ‘Hub’ Now!

Our final week of Wellbeing Wednesday Birds. 12 whole weeks of lessons taught by our Wellbeing Flock, our Mysterious Egg now meets with all 12 birds and one final lesson from Rosie the Reliable Robin.

During Week Twelve we will meet Rosie the Reliable Robin

“Learn about the importance of being a great friend and a team player”


Don’t forget, just like our Superhero term of Wellbeing, all of our animations for this term will be totally free, available to view on YouTube and Vimeo.

Our final week of Wellbeing Wednesday Birds. 12 whole weeks of lessons taught by our Wellbeing Flock, our Mysterious Egg now meets with all 12 birds and one final lesson from Rosie the Reliable Robin.

Find out more by watching our FREE animation below.


This week our amazing journal activity and task card will focus on team based based activities.

They are brilliant ways to further explore the concept of being reliable, team players.

Our journal gets children to work together by playing a game that relies on clear communication.

Journal Activity – Available for Early Years, KS1, LKS2 & UKS2

Task Card

Task Card Activity – Available for Early Years, KS1, LKS2 & UKS2

Our task card is a fantastic resource to use to teach about being reliable and a good team player.

The children will partake in a handful of games that rely on teamwork.


E-Book – Available for Early Years/KS1 And KS2

In this week’s E-Book, we meet Petra the Proactive Puffin.

Rosie’s E-Book helps to reinforce the idea of being reliable and working effectivley as part of a team.

There are two differentiated E-Books available; one for Early Years & KS1 and the other is written for both lower as well as upper KS2.

Teaching Guide

Teaching Guide – Available for Early Years, KS1, LKS2 & UKS2

Each week our fantastic teacher guides are here to lend a hand when planning out your lessons

They’re available for EYFS, KS1, Lower KS2 as well as Upper KS2.

Each of these individual teacher guides will include:

  • What the children will learn
  • Vocabulary & Questions
  • The teaching and learning sequence
  • A brief overview
  • Resources needed, both for this week and the following week

Team Building Actities and Games

The Human Knot

A classic team building game. Ask the children to stand in a circle, giving hands to each other. Now, students have to tangle themselves by walking in between students in front of them, going over or under locked hands. They can also go between other students’ legs. They have to make a knot keeping their hands locked to the other students. Now, two students need to work together and give instructions to the human knot. They have to find a way to untangle it.

Escape the classroom

Create an “escape the classroom” game. Students will have to work together in groups to escape the classroom. They have to look for clues and codes on their computer and in the classroom. I just wrote a post about how you can create a digital escape room and combine it with elements in your classroom, which you can use as inspiration. Scavenger hunts, breakout games, or escape the classroom games encourage students to work together: planning a strategy, divvying up tasks and communicating progress.

Classroom Party

Around Halloween or Christmas, you could get your students to cook and decorate. They have to organize a classroom party. They are responsible for decorations, for the food, and for the games. Divide your students into 3 groups. They have to work in teams to create the best classroom party ever: One team designs the Halloween or Christmas food and buffet, one team does the craftwork for decorations, and one team prepares the classroom games that will be played that day. They become true event-planners.


Define a square area in your classroom. You can use tape for this. Now, place plastic cones or cups everywhere in the square area. This now represents a minefield.

Again, such as in the activity above, split up students in groups of two. One is blindfolded, the other gives instructions. The blindfolded students have to cross the minefield without touching or knocking down the plastic cups. The other students give accurate commands so the blindfolded students can cross the minefield witout blowing up a “mine”.

Blind Artist

One of my favorite creative trust games for students is this one! Have your students form pairs. The students can’t see each other. One student gets a drawing you have prepared earlier. Ideally, the drawing should be something relevant to what you are teaching.

The student holding the drawing needs to give good instructions to the other student. The other student needs to draw it without being able to see the original picture. If you want to spice up the classroom game, you can put a variety of conditions to it, such as ‘no asking questions’, ‘must draw with your non-writing hand’, etc. Aren’t you curious about the results?

When you use this team building energizer as a revision activity, you let the pair explain to the rest of the class what the drawing is about.

Additional Resources

Alongside all of these amazing resources, we also have some brand new, additional resources available which can be used to enhance your teaching even further!

Our stunning looking Display Focus provides you with the resources you need to make your well-being display the best it can be; including a wall display, character passports that are differentiated for EYFS/KS1 & Lower and Upper KS2, all of which relate to that week’s individual theme!

Along with all of these, there are large mindful colouring sheets featuring Rosie and a set of differentiated quotes and statements all about being a good reliable friend.

Perfect for children to unleash their creativity!

Visit Petra’s Resource ‘Hub’ Now!

Once again we find ourselves at the end of another round of Wellbeing Wednesday.

We’ve spent the last 12 weeks learning all we can from our Wellbeing Flock, alongside Our Mysterious Egg, and now we can break through our shell and continue on, a new person.

We hope you and your class have enjoyed learning all they can from the Wellbeing Flock

Once again we just want to extend a big hand to everyone who has interacted with Teacher’s Pet this time round; whether its downloading our resources, sharing a photo on social media or watching our animations on our YouTube channel.

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