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Introducing Sienna The Serene Swan! Wellbeing Wednesday – Wellbeing Flock – Week 2

September 4th 2021| Michael Mountford
September 4th 2021 |

Learning how to Read Emotions and Show Empathy with Sienna The Serene Swan!

Visit Sienna’s Resource ‘Hub’ Now!

As Week One draws to a close, we’ve been overjoyed by how well you all have responded to our updated ‘Wellbeing Flock’ resources.

Make sure to stick with us through the coming weeks as we get ready to meet more of our ‘Wellbeing Flock’.

Don’t forget, just like our Superhero term of Wellbeing, all of our animations for this term will be totally free, available to view on YouTube and Vimeo.

Sienna The Serene Swan is here to teach us how to:

“Learn about outward appearances and how to show empathy and compassion”


Our brand new amazing animation is available for you and your class to watch for free on Youtube and Vimeo!

You join us at a beautiful English Country Park, where Sienna has decided to go for a little swim around the lake.

She may seem calm and serene but underneath her feet are working very hard to keep her afloat.

I wonder what words of wisdom she will impart to our favourite egg?

Find out right now by watching our FREE animation below.

Journal and Task Card

Journal Activity – Available for Early Years, KS1, LKS2 & UKS2

This week our amazing journal activity and task card are all about emotions; and how sometimes what can be seen on the surface might not represent what’s going on inside. Similar to how a swan, whilst it may look majestic on the surface as it swims, its legs are working extremely hard below the water in order to keep it afloat.

Task Card Activity – Available for Early Years, KS1, LKS2 & UKS2

Our task card and journal are great together as they are designed to help the children further embed what they have learnt from the animation and digital E-Book.

Our task card also works as a great introductory resource as it explains this weeks theme of empathy and compassion through the use of roleplay scenarios.


E-Book – Available for Early Years/KS1 And KS2

In this week’s E-Book, we meet Sienna the Serene Swan.

Sienna’s E-Book continues on from the animation- discussing compassion and empathy, and how our own or someone else’s fears and worries may be hidden below the surface.

There are two differentiated E-Books available; one for Early Years & KS1 and the other is for Lower as well as Upper KS2.

Teaching Guide

Teaching Guide – Available for Early Years, KS1, LKS2 & UKS2

Our teacher guides are designed for EYFS, KS1, Lower KS2 as well as Upper KS2.

Every one of these teacher guides includes:

  • What the children will learn
  • Vocabulary & Questions
  • The teaching and learning sequence
  • A brief overview
  • Resources needed, both for this week and the following week

5 Activities and Exercises to encourage Kindness and Empathy

  1. Playing cooperative and team-building games. Having daily interaction with other children in fun, team-building actitives promotes more empathtic and considerate feelings towards their friends and other children in the classroom.
  2. Creating an ‘Acts of Kindness’ jar. Encourage acts of kindness by helping kids focus on them. Creating a jar, or a box, where students can anonymously offer instances of kindness in the classroom is a powerful way to get them interacting in a positive way.
  3. Reading and writing stories about helpers. Stories of compassion are powerful ways to inspire compassion in students. Hearing stories of leaders that make a compassionate impact on the world, show kids what is possible with intention. For more information, take a look here and here for a list of books to read in the classroom.
  4. Acting it out. It can be scary at first, like a theater experience, but when kids get creative in practicing compassion in role-playing, they are laying pathways to compassion for later, real-life experiences.
  5. Teach children loving-kindness meditation. There are many available and taking the time to invest in this practice will lead to lower stress.

Additional Resources

Alongside all of these amazing resources, we also have some brand new, additional resources available which can be used to enhance your teaching even further!

Our stunning looking Display Focus provides you with the resources you need to make your well-being display the best it can be; including a wall display, character passports that are differentiated for EYFS/KS1 & Lower and Upper KS2, all of which relate to that week’s individual theme!

Along with all of these, there are large mindful colouring sheets featuring Sienna and a set of differentiated quotes and statements all about emotion and compassion.

Perfect for children to unleash their creativity!

Visit Sienna’s Resource ‘Hub’ Now!

We can’t wait for all of you to see what we’ve been up to; we’re so excited for everyone to get their hands on our new Wellbeing Birds resources.

Make sure to join us next week for a brand new blog were we’ll be introduced to an Idyllic member of the ‘Wellbeing Flock’ and his teachings on how to find our inner-peace.

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