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Waves of Wellbeing – The Hermit Crab – Coping with Changes

January 16th 2022| Michael Mountford
January 16th 2022 |

Waves of Wellbeing – The Hermit Crab – Coping with Changes

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Hello everyone, I hope you’ve all had a great start to the New Year and are ready to get back to the classrooms.

As I’m sure you saw at the end of last year, gearing up to release our brand new Wellbeing Scheme; we have already released our Essentials Pack for everyone to get their classrooms prepped and ready for the official release of Waves of Wellbeing.

To kick things off, this week our Waves of Wellbeing Resources are completely FREE, our focus will be the Hermit Crab and how they can teach you all about Coping with Changes.


For Waves of Wellbeing, as ever, this weeks’ is completely FREE to access and use within the classroom.

Once again our wonderful narrator, Nial, who you may remember from our series of Wellbeing Superheroes animations, is back to help guide you and your classroom through the lesson of that week’s sea creature.

We will also be publishing versions of our animations without any narration. This could be useful for those of you who would like to go through the animations yourself and have either yourself or the children in your classroom narrate parts of the animation.

Again this week is completely FREE and is available to access via our website or through our YouTube and Vimeo pages.


For the first time during any of our Wellbeing Schemes, we will be including our very popular Interactive PowerPoint Shows.

Our fully interactive PowerPoint shows combine everything that you need to teach the lesson, including the animated story, talk and task to help explain the lesson theme, mindful music to use when the children complete the mindful journal, and more!

Our PowerPoint Shows have been designed to give you and your classroom a better way of seeing all of our main learning sequence resources in one place.

The PowerPoint has handy buttons, allowing you to skip to the animated story, the talk and task section or the journal.

This weeks’ is completely free and includes our animated story which introduces the children to Ruby the Diver, the Hermit Crab and the theme of Coping with Changes.

The talk and task section helps the children to understand about changes, how they can make us feel and how to cope with change, as well as share the changes they have experienced.

Finally, the Journal section plays mindful music and a simple animation, for you to play whilst the children calmly complete their journal and colouring tile exercise for the week – just make sure to be logged into your Teacher’s Pet account to ensure seamless access when clicking through.

Teacher Pack

Our detailed teacher packs, are brand new to our wellbeing series and combine a whole host of useful information for planning, including:

  • links to learning goals,
  • a teaching sequence
  • key vocabulary
  • and much more

Alongside all of this to help you plan your lesson, our teacher pack also includes detailed questions and discussion, a class task, supporting resources, and a differentiated script to use with our unnarrated animated story.


Our fully differentiated Journal is brand new to our wellbeing series and combines mindful colouring and a simple journal-style activity to help summarise what they have learned about coping with change.

The first of our Mindful Journal in our Waves of Wellbeing series introduces you to the Hermit Crab, to help children understand about changes, how they can make us feel and how to cope with change.

Additional Resources

Alongside all of our fantastic main learning sequence resources, we’ve also been hard at work to create some brilliant additional differentiated resources.

All of these resources below are absolutely fantastic and will enable you and your class to further learn and discuss the lessons from The Hermit Crab.


Our Minibook is brand new to our wellbeing series and is a fun addition to our regular resources, providing a mini-book for children to fold and make, sharing lots of fun facts and information, all about the hermit crab, the focus of this week’s wellbeing theme of Coping with Change.

Weekly Display Focus

You may have noticed our Door Poster, which was part of our Essential Pack, has a whole bunch of empty space; that wasn’t on accident.

It was to accommodate for our weekly released Display Focus which includes your mini bubble to add to our free Door Display. Add a new bubble each week, to remind the children about all the new wellbeing skills they have learned.

As well as this, our Display Focus also includes a simple “lift the flap” display which shows the children the Hermit Crab, the theme for the week and the children can meet Ruby the Diver, as she reminds them that “Change can be hard but like the Hermit Crab, we can overcome it”.

An old favourite of our Wellbeing resources is back

Our Colouring Tiles for EYFS/KS1 and KS2 are back and offering the children a simple colouring activity of the hermit crab and the keyword changes. Over the 12 weeks, the tiles can be joined together to create one large under the sea image.

We’re so incredibly happy to finally be showing you our brand new Wellbeing Scheme.

We hope that you and your class will enjoy learning about Wellbeing under the sea!

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