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Wellbeing Wednesday – Anti-bullying Week is Coming!

November 6th 2019| Kevin Rhodes

Wellbeing Wednesday – Anti-bullying Week is Coming!

This weeks Wellbeing Wednesday is just a little reminder that next week is Anti-bullying week (Starting November 11th). At Teacher’s Pet we stand firmly behind this campaign and we have been hard at work on something rather special to use within schools, which we hope to share with you in more detail over the coming week.

More than 16,000 young people are absent per day from schools because of bullying, with bullying being the main reason why children aged 11 years and under contact Childline. We need to inspire the change to reverse these rising statistics and this years slogan is rightly supporting this notion that #ChangeStartsWithUs. If we all begin working together and inspire each other to make small changes, we can hopefully make a big difference and break this cycle to create safe environments for everyone.

So whats coming up this week and how can you get involved?

Odd Socks Day!

Across the UK, teachers will be rocking their best odd sock combinations (and so will we at tpet!). It’s a super easy way to get your school involved in Anti-bullying week and open up the conversations that need to happen.

Free school packs for this event are available to download here

Introducing Buddy Bots!

We have been hard at work creating our latest project – Buddy Bots!

What started as a small idea to create something which could be used for anti-bullying week, has now evolved into a full project which we believe will become a perfect behaviour management tool to use within your class through out the year!

Meet Blip!

Buddy Bots are here to show your class how their actions effect others and themselves.

Buddy Bots achieve their mission by showing how to be a Buddy Bot, not a Bully Bot, by using energy boosters.

A great way to supercharge friendships and zap out bullying!

As part of our commitment to this project, we have developed a full book (which will be available to view online) and supporting resources which will be available ready to use during anti-bullying week and beyond!

Buddy Bots – Coming Soon!
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