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#WellbeingWednesday is back!

April 25th 2020| Teacher’s Pet
April 25th 2020 |

#WellbeingWednesday is back!

#WellbeingWednesday was created by the team at Teacher’s Pet when we relaunched our site last year.

Our aim was simple: to make wellbeing an accessible initiative for every single primary school.

We received overwhelming feedback from our community that this was a much loved project and your children really connected with the characters and resources from the Spring term pack which was monster themed.

For summer, we knew we wanted to continue to deliver on our mission to make wellbeing accessible and easier to teach in the classroom and at home but to also keep things fresh for you…

Introducing the Mental Health Heroes!

We have created twelve unique Mental Health Heroes, each with their own special superpower relating to mental health and wellbeing! Encourage children to #BeYourOwnHero by enlisting them on the Super Wellbeing course and over the weeks, each hero will teach them a new power to help cope with mental health issues ranging from anxiety, low mood, anger and more!

It only needs five minutes once every week! Our free resources can be used to discuss mental health with a whole class, within an assembly or they are perfect if you wish to hand the resources over to your TA or support worker to use during 1:1 sessions! If you wish to extend on these five minutes, we have a huge offering of resources available for our classic and ultimate members – detailed below!

The resources are also perfect for the home learning environment so that parents can become more aware of these feelings and develop a better understanding of coping methods for their children. What are you waiting for? The world needs more heroes and YOU get to train them!

How and Where do I begin?

Released every Sunday ALL of our members will have access to download a set of wonderfully designed double sided character cards which details the hero and their power. Use this to discuss with your child or class what they think the power means and how it can help to improve their wellbeing and mental health. To support this, display resources will also be available for free – great for creating a super wellbeing area in your classroom or home.

Tip: To give you a heads up in whats coming over the term – we also have a free downloadable term plan. These will give you an overview of the weeks ahead and a few extra details incase the activity requires any external items.

Released every Sunday, Classic and Ultimate members can download an exclusive A4 activity page. This activity will link in with character cards allowing the child to develop their own wellbeing powers. To extend on this, a weekly super journal page and colouring pages will also be available- perfect for 1-1 interventions or to set as home learning activities.

Tip: The journals are wonderful to print out as they build up over time so that by the end of the term/year, you have a super wellbeing booklet which is tailored to each student’s wellbeing state. These are great to take home for parents (so they can develop a greater understanding on wellbeing) or to keep in the classroom!

Share your experience of using the #wellbeingwednesday activities by using the hashtag and tagging tpetuk (instagram) or on our facebook. We are very excited to see all the future super heroes as they complete their wellbeing training!

Tip: Everything releases on a Sunday for you to use the following Wednesday. We are releasing the items a few days earlier to give you plenty of time to plan or decide where in the week you wish to fit the #WellbeingWednesday activities. So don’t worry if you forget!

Over the coming weeks we hope to expand on the project, building upon what will be available each week. All you need to do is follow us on our social media channels or sign up for our weekly newsletter to stay in the loop!

To visit the official page and to find out more about #WellbeingWednesday please click here.

Thanks for reading!

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Beth Latham

If we are starting this week would you recommend starting from Summer 1 or summer 7?

Christina Loftus

Definitely start from week 1, be a shame to miss out on the earlier characters and the skills each character teach, gradually get more in-depth. You could always look at a different character each day this week to catch up.

Jackie Churchman

When will this week’s one be available

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