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Introducing Wellbeing Wednesday

October 22nd| Kevin Rhodes
October 22nd |

Introducing Wellbeing Wednesday

Phew, that’s Tuesday over! At Teacher’s Pet we understand that reaching this point in the week can make you feel exhausted. You have have battled the Monday blues, settled down the children from their busy weekends, introduced them to your learning plans for the week and just about managed to get the focus on track to see you through until Friday and that most important weekend so you can focus just a little bit of time on yourself. But, did you know it’s vitally important that you take the time to destress, breathe and enjoy the moment earlier than that?
This is why we are introducing ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’ to our community!

A staggering 53% of educational professionals have considered leaving the sector within the past two years because of health pressures. We care greatly about our users and we want to do our part in making a positive change within this area so that we can give you some useful tips, ideas and activities to use within the classroom and home to hopefully alleviate some of this pressure.

Wellbeing Wednesday is not just going to be a weekly segment about taking care of you, but also the pupils you inspire each day and their parents. We hope to introduce some bright ideas which you can introduce within the classroom and activities which then carry through to the home so that parents can become more aware of these feelings (we all can get it!) and develop a better understanding of coping methods for their children and themselves (we basically want you all to feel great, because we believe you can be!)

Please join in the discussions via our social media platforms, such as Facebook and let’s get talking openly about mental well being and see if we can make some positive change together.

Thanks for reading!


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