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Introducing The Wellbeing Wednesday Update

January 6th 2020| Kevin Rhodes
January 6th 2020 |

The big #WellbeingWednesday Relaunch is here!

#WellbeingWednesday has been created by the team at Teacher’s Pet with mental health and wellbeing at the forefront of the plan.

Our aim is simple: to make wellbeing an accessible initiative for every single primary school.

We understand the pressures of teachers up and down the country. New ideas and ways to improve pupil wellbeing are constantly being thrown around in the staffroom, often then left to the teacher to somehow drive these new ideas into the classroom, with very little support or resources.

Teacher’s pet are here to fill the gap! Our #WellbeingWednesday concept provides everything you need, from displays to activities and best of all… it only needs five minutes once every week! These can then be used as a whole class, within an assembly or they are perfect if you wish to hand the resources over to your TA or support worker to use during 1:1 sessions!

The resources are also fabulous as they can then carry through to the home so that parents can become more aware of these feelings and develop a better understanding of coping methods for their children.

How and Where do I begin?

Released every Sunday ALL of our members will have access to download a 5 minute morning starter activity which can be carried out with individual children, your whole class or as a whole school, to improve wellbeing and mental health with a focus on emotions, thoughts and self esteem.

Tip: To give you a heads up in whats coming over the term – we also have a free downloadable term plan. These will give you an overview of the weeks ahead and a few extra details incase the activity requires any external items.

Released every Sunday, Classic and Ultimate members can download an exclusive journal activity page. These link in with the starter activity sheet which everyone has access to download, allowing you to extend the task if you wish.

Tip: The journals are wonderful to print out as they build up over time so that by the end of the term/year, you have a lovely wellbeing booklet which is tailored to each student’s wellbeing state. These are great to take home for parents (so they can develop a greater understanding on wellbeing) or to keep in the classroom!

In addition to the other resources, Ultimate members will also be able to download one of three exclusive 12 week PowerPoints which provide you with one positive activity to do every Wednesday during that specific term. This means you only need to come back each week to download the journal pages!

Tip: Everything releases on a Sunday for you to use the following Wednesday. We are releasing the items a few days earlier to give you plenty of time to plan or decide where in the week you wish to fit the #WellbeingWednesday activities. So don’t worry if you forget!

Over the coming weeks we hope to expand on the project, building upon what will be available each week. We will also keep posting our weekly blog posts with useful apps, books and games!

Please join in the discussions via our social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram by using the hashtag #WellbeingWednesday and share any pictures, comments or ideas – we would love to see them!

To visit the official page and to find out more about #WellbeingWednesday please click here.

Thanks for reading!

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