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#WellbeingWednesday is Back – The Monsters Return!

January 8th 2021| Josh Cookson

WellbeingWednesday is Back – The Monsters Return!

That’s right, #WellbeingWednesday is back again and with it, the return of the Wellbeing Monsters. Since the beginning of Wellbeing Wednesday last year, it’s popularity has been undoubted. We’ve now completed three whole terms of the project, with the most recent being our amazing Wellbeing Birds. You may remember our original set of monsters from last spring, but they’ve undergone a bit of a makeover since then, thanks to our amazingly talented graphics designers.

So, what to expect?

We’re glad you asked! The monsters have been found at Monster Lane, each one based on a different thought or emotion. Eggmo, our recurring character throughout the 12 weeks, will be visiting the house of each monster to learn a new skill which he can use in different situations. But what sort of activities can you expect?

  • Each week you will be able to view an amazing animation and eBook which introduced your class to the story and that week’s character.
  • To support your teaching, you will be able to download a weekly teaching guide, display resources and task cards.
  • To follow on from your teaching, children can complete the weekly journal page and colouring activity.

In addition to this, you can access a huge display pack for the classroom, exclusive teaching videos provided by the team at TPET and we even have Wellbeing Wednesday graphics for Zoom, Google Classroom and Teams!

Just a preview of one of our Zoom backgrounds!

Wow, now that is a lot of resources! The team are working extremely hard to get these out to you for each week.

A look at Book 1 of our latest flip books, worked on by Meg
Just a sneak preview of the latest Wellbeing Wednesday animation

Why is this terms Wellbeing Wednesday more important than ever?

Unfortunately, a large majority of the world are still under restrictions due to the Coronavirus. This has also meant the closure of schools for some. It’s no secret, children need school not just for their education, but their mental health as well. And it’s not just school closures, lockdowns in general are damaging to the mental health of children. Wellbeing Wednesday aims to give them something to look forward to.

By getting children involved with discussing emotions using a fun and interactive project, we can support them both in the classroom and now at home.

How do I get involved?

Getting involved couldn’t be more simple. If you’re a teacher who is looking to use Wellbeing Wednesday in their classroom, simply sign up for a solo membership at tpet.co.uk/memberships . Our Wellbeing Wednesday is an Ultimate exclusive, but you can grab the first week for FREE with our Starter membership tier. You’ll get to watch the first animation, read the first flip book and try out some of the amazing resources on offer!

Want to use Wellbeing Wednesday in your whole school? That couldn’t be easier either! If you know how many teachers will require it, then just send an email over to support@tpet.co.uk and ask for a quote on a whole school membership. We will generate one for you as soon as possible.

Activities are released every Sunday ready to be used the following Wednesday. Remember to download early to be ready! If you’ve missed a week, don’t worry. The resources will not expire, just find the week you need at our wellbeing hub.

Stay Safe (and a word on our support group)

The most important thing you can do now is stay safe. In these uncertain times, it’s important to look after yourself and your loved ones. And don’t forget, if you’re a teacher or parent that needs some extra help or guidance with home learning, then why not join our official Teacher’s Pet Home Learning Support Group? It’s completely free to join, we can be found at https://tpet.me/tphlfg on Facebook.

With our resident teachers and the teaching community at hand in the group, we are here to help you.

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